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Thank you for purchasing a EuroLights Sealed Beam Conversion kit. Our kits are direct replacements for your standard sealed beams so installation is very straightforward.

 Using the image above as a reference we will go over the key points of the install.

1)      Begin by removing any retaining plates or rings that are surrounding your headlamps.

2)      Notice there should also be metal or plastic rings holding the lamp itself.

3)      Remove the screws (labled 4 above) ,remove the lamps and disconnect them from the rear.

4)      Installation is the reverse. 

In some cases you will need to use crimp on female connectors for the highbeams. The female connectors are connected to the conversion housing (one to the connector on the bulb and the other to a male prong next to the bulb). 

If your headlight has optional CityLights (small sockets) and you decide to use this option. The small bulbs are available at any autoparts stores. Most customers will connect the CityLights to the parking lights on their vehicle. This will allow the headlights to glow while having only the parking lights on. Again this is optional, if you decide not to use them simply leave them as-is.


Thanks again for your purchase. If you have any questions please email: sealedbeamconv@eurolights.com

To order or for more info: Go to our Form or EMAIL us Now.


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