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Frequently Asked Questions.


  1. Do you offer EuroLights true high performance bulb upgrades for my car?
  2.  What wattage(s) can I use with my car? Which wattage will give me the best performance increase?
  3. Why should I choose EuroLights products over others?
  4. What payment methods do you accept?
  5. How do I place an order?
  6. What is your warranty?
  7. Do you ship worldwide?
  8. Do I need to upgrade my wiring or anything else to use EuroLights?
  9. Can I install them myself?
  10. Does my vehicle require Sealed Beam Conversions? What is included with Sealed Beam Conversions?
  11. I've heard that many people have melted their lenses &/or wiring from using high output bulbs. Will this happen with EuroLights?
  12. I bought a set of "white" HID / Xenon look bulbs at my local autoparts store. They look white when turned on, but I wanted it to look like the lights on new Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc..Also, they don't seem to be brighter than my normal bulbs.
  13. With regards to RealHID Xenon Systems...How does this system compare to others I have seen?






Just email us or fill out our form! One of our reps will personally email you back with details as to your specific vehicle &/or any specific questions you might have.

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There are many imitation products available on the market. Why should you  choose EuroLights upgrades? Our upgrades are True high performance upgrades. Not just standard bulbs which have been colored and given a high wattge rating. 

EuroLights are built from the ground up to offer higher brightness and greater usable light than any other products on the market. Among other features.. Optimized gas mixtures, high efficiency/quality filaments and connectors which allow maximum current flow and performance.

EuroLights bulbs are designed as direct replacements, yet still offer maximum performance & appearance!

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For payment we accept nearly all major credit cards (we prefer VISA & MasterCard). We accept PayPal (if you'd like to pay with PayPal, please note that when you email us). We also accept check, money order & wire transfer. If you have any questions email us or fill out our form.

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Our warranty... We offer a 90 day free replacement policy on ALL bulb upgrades.

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We offer shipping via many different shippers to nearly anywhere in the world. Our rates are extremely reasonable. We normally ship worldwide via USPS Express Mail Service which offers very fast delivery at competitive prices.

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No other upgrades needed. EuroLights are designed as direct replacements for easy installation.. Unlike imitation products which may damage lenses and/or wiring. EuroLights offer maximum performance with no other modifications needed.

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Sealed Beam Conversion Kits. Most vehicles DO NOT require Sealed Beam Conversions. Only vehicles that have sealed beam headlights need Sealed Beam Conversion Kits to upgrade their headlights. Do you have to change your whole headlight when one burns out? If yes, you have sealed beams.

If you can change just your headlight bulbs when they burn out you DO NOT need Sealed Beam Conversions.

If you are unsure email us or fill out our form.

EuroLights SealedBeam Conversion kits come with everything you need for an easy installation.

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Many of the imitation products available on the market are extremely low quality and run at excessive voltage and temperatures which can easily cause damage. EuroLights on the other hand are designed as direct replacements for use with standard wiring & lenses.

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Once you contact us by either method above, you will receive a personal email from one of our representatives. Normally within 24hrs. This email will contain all the information you need to decide what products you'd like for your vehicle. As well as instructions for secure online ordering.

Why no shopping cart or automated ordering?

Because... We want to be sure you get exactly what you want & need!
bulletThere are many different bulb types and applications, even within the same year & model vehicles.
bullet To be sure that you receive the proper units and the best wattage, voltage, etc..
bulletAlso, we can offer you suggestions based on our research and customer reviews. With specific information about your vehicle.

We stock most products for immediate shipment. So even without a shopping cart system you'll receive your order faster than anywhere else, and you'll be sure to get exactly what you need!

Try us and see. Fill out our form or email us now.

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Many of the imitation products available on the market do not offer the performace & appearance they claim.  EuroLights Xenon-Charged offer very bright projected light & a noticably Blue/White appearance, the absolute closest to the lighting found on some high-end vehicles. EuroLights are True high output bulbs, not simply standard bulbs with a coating.

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There are many imitation systems on the market, none of them offer the performance or ease of installation of EuroLights G2 RealHID Systems. In fact many imitation systems can actually cause harm to the vehicles they are installed in, due to improper fit and/or low quality wiring/construction.

EuroLights G2 RealHID are totally safe, of the absolute highest quality available, and offer a Direct Plug-In installation.

Each kit comes with very easy to follow instructions. NO drilling, NO wiring, NO modifications at all are needed. You will simply plug your headlight socket into the ballast that comes with the kit and then plug the ballast into the ArcXenon bulb that comes with the kit.
That's it!

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