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EL-S/EuroLights(tm)/ Yellow SuperBright ION

EL-S/ EuroLights(tm) ION Yellow-SuperBright bulbs are designed for those who are seeking the absolute most out of their lighting systems. EuroLights(tm) ION Yellow-SuperBright bulbs offer the combination of SuperBright ION brightness and the night piercing visibility of yellow projected light. These bulbs offer very high performance especially in harsh weather conditions such as rain, fog, snow.

Our ION Yellow-SuperBright bulbs project bright yellow light and when looking at your vehicle the lens will appear very bright yellow.

EL-S/EuroLights ION bulbs offer the absolute highest increase in brightness over your factory bulbs. ION bulbs offer 10-15% more brightness than rated output.

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EL-S/EuroLights(tm) Yellow SuperBright ION bulbs offer increased brightness AND distinct looks.

Below is a photo of projected output of a standard Halogen bulb.

Below is a photo of Projected output Yellow SuperBright ION EL-S/EuroLights(TM).

Notice the brighter light and the dynamic yellow projected output.

**Light is projected on white wall 2feet away from vehicle.

To order or for more info: Go to our Form or EMAIL us Now.

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