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ALL-NEW!! EL-S/EuroLamps(tm)/

Xenon-Charged Blue/White

The latest in headlamp technology.

EL-S/EuroLamps(tm) Xenon-Charged bulbs are designed for those who are after the the highest possible performance and absolute closest output color to HID/Xenon lighting systems. These bulbs offer vastly increased brightness over standard bulbs and are for the enthusiast who would like the latest in headlight technology.

Xenon-Charged bulbs offer pure white Projected Light output, appear noticeably blue/white in the housings, & produce maximum brightness and intensity.

EuroLights Xenon-Charged are built from the base up as True high output bulbs. Beware of imitation products which are simply standard bulbs claiming to offer high output.

EL-S/EuroLamps(tm) Xenon-Charged Blue/White bulbs offer the look AND performance of HID lighting at a tiny fraction of the cost.

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