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EuroLights Headlight Conversion for Toyota MR2. (available for ALL Years of MR2, the kits below are for MR2 with sealed headlights)

Tired of your MR2's poor performing sealedbeam headlights? Get a EuroLights Sealed Beam Conversion Kit! - Easy Install.

Our headlight kits are VERY easy to install, Direct Replacements. Improve the performance of your MR2  headlights in just a few minutes.

NOTE: (MR2's Require our Rectangular Conversions. Photos below are for installation in a Mazda Miata, for reference only. Installation in MR2  is identical process but with Rectangular headlights.)

Step 1. Remove your standard sealed beams.

Step 2. Insert EuroLights high performance bulbs into your NEW EuroLights Sealed Beam Conversion housings.

Step 3. Plug your NEW EuroLights Conversion housings in. Install same as removal. That's it!!

Pictured above with our Xenon-Charged bulb upgrades. Kits come with EVERYTHING needed for easy conversion.

ORDER a kit for your MR2 Now!

MR2  Complete Kit 6054 RECTANGULAR with Xenon-Charged Blue/White True High Output $69.00-

MR2 Complete Kit 6054 RECTANGULAR with Yellow SuperBright ION True High Output $59.00-

MR2 Complete Kit 6054 RECTANGULAR with Blue/Gold SuperBright ION True High Output $59.00-

Don't own a MR2? - Click here to see our other sealed beam kits.

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